Established in 1993, Wineroute stores offer a wonderful selection of quality wine and spirits from around the world as well as Israel, all stored in optimal conditions. In each of our stores you will find a professional and knowledgeable staff and in our cellars, the finest wines from around the world from the world’s greatest wine regions. Moreover, Wineroute offers wine tasting events, lectures, wine festivals, as well as a variety of courses and educational programs. Wineroute assists wine lovers in arranging visits in wineries all over the world as well as in Israel and specializes in shipping wine around the world.

As the center for wine culture in Israel, Wineroute conducts various wine courses. In the introductory course to the world of wine participants learn to taste and appreciate wine, learn about wine from the vineyard to the glass, and are given the tools to continue their education and learning.
In the advanced Israel Terroir course participants visit and learn about the various wine regions in Israel with vintners and winemakers in Israel’s leading wineries. The advanced technical tasting course allows participants to delve into sensory evaluation, learning to evaluate wines from different varieties, wine making methods and regions. This course offers participant the opportunity to explore the concept of “terroir” as well as learn about the development of wine in the bottle over time, learn to recognize various defects all while tasting great wines from around the world.
Weekly wine tastings offered free of charge in each of the Wineroute stores introduce wine enthusiasts to wines from leading wineries around the world and Israel. The theme for these wine tastings changes each week. Furthermore, Wineroute offers an assortment of wine tastings starting from tasting lectures with a small number of participants highlighting wine regions, varieties, vintages, specific wineries, as well as vertical tastings up to wine festivals with hundreds of participants celebrating Israeli wine and quality wines from around the world.